Cosplay contests: unique and qualitative

Under the sublabel ‘Duh-Cosplay’ Duh-Events has been organising beautiful cosplay shows since 2016. Whether it’s a ‘walk on/walk off’ contest or an ‘act performance’ contest, Duh-Events has a lot of experience. For both types of contests, we invite judges who have participated in one or more international cosplay contests. They pay attention to craftsmanship, references to the character and what the participants do during their moment on stage.


During a ‘walk on/walk off’ contest the judging is based mostly on craftsmanship. Participants walk onto the stage at their own tempo to show their creation to the audience and then walk off the podium. during an ‘act performance’ contest, there is a short performance that is self-made, complete with audiovisual support. The judges are very strict on how much time a cosplayer spends on stage during these performances. Duh-Cosplay’s ‘Act performance’ contests are usually connected to international contests. Winners currently get the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ‘Cosplay World Masters’ in Portugal.


As a cherry on top, we add a little extra to our contests with photos and videos, a live stream and special effects like a fire show. We also work together with the best cosplay photographers and – videographers for our media collection.

Next contest: your event?

Next contest: your event?

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Duh-Cosplay organises the following preliminaries for international cosplay contests:


Cosplay World Masters (Portugal)

Hall of fame

Looking back on our winners

DatumEvenementType wedstrijd1e plaats2e plaats3e plaats
15-10-2022DreamHack Rotterdam 2022Walk on/walk offLevylikeDishycraftsLucid Belle
16-10-2022DreamHack Rotterdam 2022Act PerformanceDishycraftsClueless CosplayPastelColouredHell
DatumEvenementType wedstrijd1e plaats2e plaats3e plaats
20-10-2019DreamHack RotterdamAct PerformanceFoxybadger & DelightifySqinny & SparrowedKalseru
19-10-2019DreamHack RotterdamWalk on/walk offVierCosplayMarye Le FaySkathi
24-07-2019CampZoneAct Performance (CWM)Cpt RoodbaardClueless CosplayKalseru
23-07-2019CampZoneWalk on/walk offP1ndakidClueless CosplayKalseru
19-04-2019The-PartyWalk on/walk offSkathiCpt RoodbaardRoar & Clank
DatumEvenementType wedstrijd1e plaats2e plaats3e plaats
10-11-2018Tweakers Gaming LiveWalk on/walk offWillow CreativeClueless CosplayApocalypse
29-07-2018CampZoneAct Performance (CWM)MiraiLevylikeSammy
28-07-2018CampZoneWalk on/walk offRoar & ClankSkathiPitscrafts
30-03-2018The-PartyWalk on/walk offBuJa CospropsRoar & ClankLinny l'a Vante
DatumEvenementType wedstrijd1e plaats2e plaats3e plaats
12-08-2017CampZoneWalk on/walk offWillow CreativeNon Stop PropsRoar & Clank
14-04-2017The-PartyWalk on/walk offSqinny CraftsSkathi + SomruneWillow Creative
DatumEvenementType wedstrijd1e plaats2e plaats3e plaats
06-08-2016CampZoneWalk on/walk offWayne's WorkshopDeathstrikeLevylike
25-03-2016The-PartyWalk on/walk offLevylikeLucid BelleClueless Vision

Photos from the previous contest

DreamHack Rotterdam Cosplay Championships 2022