Cosplay photoshoots at the best locations

Under sublabel ‘Duh-Cosplay’ Duh-events has been organising photoshoots at unique locations since 2018. We do this using a well worked out schedule. Models can sign up by sending in their portfolio en telling us which photographers they would like to work with, after which the photographers judge the submissions. First we look at ‘mutual matches’ so that both the photographer and the model will be looking forward to the shoot.


Videographies are, of course, also a must on a shoot day like this. Every model will come in contact with one of our videographers to make the aftermovie as complete as possible.


Lastly, we also have a way of filling up the downtime of our models. A small number of photographers doesn’t have a schedule. This allows them to shoot any model that has some free time for some extra photos.

Next Photoshoot: TBA

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All of our photoshoots in overview.

Photographers: Devon Keuben, Jeroen Weimar, Jeroen Wolf, Johan Kusters, Kevin Jeukens, K0l3n, Laura Calandt, Moriartician, Nathan van den Berg, Robin Morgan, SollieFoto, Vincent Lee

Videographers: Kawin Wu, Viet Nguyen

Fotographers without schedule: Chastten, Miradel, Pharifocus, Robin van der Molen

Behind the scenes: Kees Stravers, Luc Marc Dijkstra

A few photos of this photoshoot

Videos of this photoshoot

Fotographers: Jeroen Weimar, Jeroen Wolf, Kevin Jeukens, Moriartician, Nathan van den Berg, Pharifocus, Robin Morgan, Vincent Lee

Videographers: Viet Nguyen

Fotographers without schedule: Chastten, Luc Marc Dijkstra, MikoBura

Aftermovie of this photoshoot

A few photos of this photoshoot

Photographers: Chastten, Jeroen Weimar, Jeroen Wolf, MikoBura, Miradel, Pharifocus, Vincent Lee

Videographers: Viet Nguyen

Photographers without schedule: Hell.o_Angela, Luc Marc Dijkstra

Aftermovie of this photoshoot

A few photos of this photoshoots

Next Photoshoot: TBA

Photographers: TBA

Videographers: TBA

Photographers without schedule: TBA


In the near future, we will organise our next photoshoot. Together with 12 photographers, we will make a schedule based on the information from the sign-ups. Besides that there will be two videographers and ‘photographers without schedule’ to also shoot with.


The schedule will have 6 shoots per photographer, including comfortable pauses for everyone. Cosplayers will get two planned photoshoots and a planned video shoot.


The photographers will judge all sign-ups and based on the quality of the costume and how well it fits the setting. In this way we strive to create a list that is as fair as possible. Without an invitation, it is not possible to be at this photoshoot day.




Date and time:




Food and drinks:






Accepted Cosplayers: TBA

Enkele foto’s van de laatste fotoshoot

Video’s van de laatste fotoshoot