Cosplayers: Creatives with passion

Since 2016 Duh-Events has been the company to reach out to if you want to get in contact with cosplayers. Cosplayers are creatives who recreate costumes and characters from videogames, comic books, films and series. These costumes are often made of fabric, creative foam and other materials. With the rise of 3D printer, LED lights and advanced sewing- and lockmachines the results keep improving, giving people the feeling that they’re meeting the ‘real-life’ version of their favourite character. A beautiful phenomenon filled with passion, which we lovingly support.


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A cosplay contest is a craftmanship award show where the contestants dress up as a certain character from a game, series or film and perform a ‘walk on/walk off’- or ‘act performance’-show. There are judges present which judge certain aspects of the cosplay and determine the winner. The judges are usually former winners of a variety of international preliminary rounds, that earned them a trip to a foreign country to represent the Netherlands in an international contest.

Photo and video

Nothing is more fun for a cosplayer than to see photos and videos of their own creations. At our contests we work together with specialised photo- and videographers who know exactly how they can capture the characters as best as possible. Since 2018 Duh-Events organises special photoshoots, preferably with a unique location like a castle. During these photoshoots, we work together with the best cosplayers, photo- and videographers. Afterwards, we have a lot of beautiful materials to enjoy.


You can read everything about it on our photohoots-page.

Cosplay for promotion

Organiseert u een beurs of heeft u een stand op een evenement? Dan is er altijd wel een goeie manier te bedenken om cosplayers hierbij aan te laten sluiten. Dankzij een groot netwerk aan cosplayers en fotografen heeft Duh-Events al vele cosplaygerelateerde zaken mogen faciliteren. Of het nu gaat om het organiseren van een wedstrijd op uw evenement, juryleden of fotografen/videografen voor uw wedstrijd, foto’s van cosplayers met een nieuw product of simpelweg ‘karakter X uit populaire serie X’ aanwezig op een stand, wij kunnen het regelen.


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