Esports tournaments

Esports tournaments: Game tournaments at the highest level. Esports tournaments often have strict regulations, prize money and live streams with live commentary. Since 2006 Duh-Events has been closely involved with esports in The Netherlands. Our team of tournament admins consists of many esports enthusiasts, a former professional gamer and an international esports referee. We have enough knowledge for both big and small esports tournaments. Besides that, we are also familiar with related matters like meet & greets, workshops and beat the pro activities.

Game arenas

Made possible by the possibility of creating stable internet connections anywhere, an increasing number of tournaments are being organised. Sometimes as the preliminaries for larger tournaments, sometimes as a television program and a large prize pool that keeps growing is also becoming more common. It shows that esports is being taken seriously. We are often asked to provide the necessary technology and oversee the execution of matches. In specially equipped gaming arenas any team or individual can immediately start on the road to victory!

‘Bring Your Own Computer’

Since we began organising gaming events, competitive gaming has been a high priority. With the introduction of prize money at our tournaments in 2008, the need for structured tournaments at LAN parties has increased. Even if most esports tournaments these days take place online, we still regularly organise ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ tournaments. The name says it all: Participants bring their own computer and equipment, play tournaments from their own seat and have a chance to win a part of our prize pool. A number of these tournaments have live streaming and finals on one of our stages.

Tournaments for promotion

Besides our own tournament admins, we are in contact with a variety of esports teams, streamers, commentators and hosts. Perfect for your event, the possibilities are endless. The tournament at your exhibition stand can be provided with a live stream, including commentary, to also create online reach. A shoutout from the best players in the Benelux? We can help you with that. We regularly go out to organise tournaments, to provide your events with the right materials and technology and to spare you any worrying when it comes to gaming. besides that, we have our own events, if you are still looking for a platform for your next promotion.


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Below you will find our esports portfolio. Organising tournaments includes support, technology, regulations and tournament structure.

PeriodeEvenementOmschrijvingIn opdracht van
2003 - hedenThe-PartyDiverse 'Bring Your Own Computer' toernooien, toernooien in game arena's en beat the pro-activiteiten.-
2001 - hedenCampZoneDiverse 'Bring Your Own Computer' toernooien, toernooien in game arena's en beat the pro-activiteiten.-
2018 - 2020Rainbow Six: Siege'Bring Your Own Computer' Rainbow Six: Siege toernooi. Ubisoft
2019Victory LanDiverse 'Bring Your Own Computer' toernooien.-
2019RIV4L Lan TourDiverse 'Bring Your Own Computer' toernooien op verschillende evenementen.4Entertainment
2019Counterspell launchpartyCounterspell toernooi op beursstand.Punchbutton Studios
2019ThermyCup 3'Bring Your Own Computer' StarCraft 2 toernooi. Eigen begeleiding.uThermal
2018Tweakers Gaming LiveDiverse 'Bring Your Own Computer' toernooien en toernooien in game arena's.-
2018MotoGP beursstandMotoGP highscore lap op beursstand.KNMV
2016 - 2017Dutch College LeagueLeague of Legends toernooi voor televisie in game arena (Fox Sports).Gamers First
2017MediaMarkt HoornDiverse toernooien tbv opening game-afdeling.MediaMarkt
2017FIFA School CupFIFA toernooi op beursstand. Eigen begeleiding.InWork
2016Klantevent NEPEsports workshop en presentatie.NEP Broadcast Services
2013 - 2015RSD InternationalFighting game toernooien in game arena's.-
2011 - 2015BarCraftViewing party voor diverse games.-
2014Alien ArenaAlien Arena toernooi op beursstand. Eigen begeleiding.Alien Arena
2013ShootMania Storms'Bring Your Own Computer' ShootMania Storms toernooiNADEO
2013PROG4MER Lan TourDiverse 'Bring Your Own Computer' toernooien.4Entertainment
2002 - 2006Best of BeneluxDiverse toernooien in game arena's.-