Terms and conditions

General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.

V3.1 – Last edited on 15-09-2020

A. Tickets

1) When signing up for an event or part of it, the participant agrees with the terms and conditions of the organization. All tickets that are being sold will still be property of the organization. When a participant is younger than 18 years old, they need to have authorization by letter from their parents or guardian. Without this authorization the person will be refused entrance to the event.


2) a. Your ticket is transferable to another participant only in agreement between the participant and the organisation. You will receive a pre-check in code which you will have to give to the person that bought your ticket. After activating this pre-check in code it belongs to the one that checked in with it. Activated codes cannot be resold. When selling tickets, it’s forbidden to make a profit. It’s only permitted to sell a ticket for the same or a lower price as it was bought from the organizer.


3) In no case the participant will receive the paid entrance money back when he must leave the terrain. The proof of payment is, as every other ticket, not refundable. Exceptions to this rule are deaths and serious illness in first grade family. As a proof, the doctor statement has to be handed over to the organization. Participants need to have their own travel insurance when they feel the need. Documents needed to present a cancellation to the insurance company can be requested at info@duh-events.nl.


4) Participants always need to visibly carry the bracelet as a proof of payment. The organization is authorized to ask for this prove of payment at any time. If a participant can’t show this, he/she needs to pay the ‘at the door’ rate; otherwise he/she has to leave the field. An extra penalty of 25 euros needs to be paid when a participant can’t show the prove of payment.


5) Every participant must be able to identify theirself with a valid passport or ID when asked for by the organisation.


6) When a visitor is denied entry to the venue for whatever reason, in no case will he or she receive a restitution for the paid entry fee.

B. Responsibility

1) Participation is at your own risk. The promoter is not liable for any damage, by whatever name, which the participant may suffer as a result of participation. The organization cannot be taken responsible for loss, theft or damages to personal properties. The participant is always responsible for all detriment inflicted by the participant to the organization, the network, the power, the location, intellectual property, material for hire, chairs, tables, activities, the infrastructure, the car park, other participants and other organizations. Included is damage by connecting a computer or other equipment to the network or power supply provided by the organization.


2) The participant safeguards the organization for all claims from third parties that link to the way a participant used the network during the event. When a participant destroys other participant’s properties, he/she will be removed from the location without a refund and a police statement will be made. The expectation of the organizer is that all participants will behave themselves like they’re supposed to, so that there will be no negative consequences for our partners. Instructions of our crew at the event are to be followed.


3) If, despite the provisions to be adopted in the first paragraph of this Article, the liability of the organizer for damage to the participant, the obligation of the organizer to pay compensation is limited to the maximum amount that the insurer of the organizer to pays respect of that damage.


4) The participant shall indemnify the organizer for damages that third parties may suffer as a result of an attributable to the participant acts or omissions. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such damage.

C. Illegal Activities

1) Ownership or usage of weapons of any kind is not allowed. This rule also applies to spud guns, airsoft weapons and paint-ball weapons.


2) Every form of hacking is forbidden. Monitoring the (suspicious) network traffic is one way that the organization uses to execute this rule. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.


3) The participant is forbidden to take illegal software and/or materials to the event. The participant is always responsible for all software and/or materials brought in by him/her. When distribution of illegal software or other illegal things are ascertained, official instances will be noticed. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.


4) Cheating is not allowed. The organization always determines what is to be called cheating. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.


5) The organization is allowed to research violation of the general conditions. Information about the participant or prosecutor and material on the servers and network of the organization can be used in the research. Participant authorizes the organization to work together with a judicial authority in the research to supposed criminal violations, rightful claimants in the research to violation to intellectual property rights and system supervisors of other Internet providers or network- computer facilities to observe the general conditions. By such a cooperation, usernames, IP-addresses or other identifiably information of a participant can be handed over to the rightful claimant.

D. Alcohol/Drugs

1) Alcoholic drinks will be sold at the event. These may only be bought and consumed by people of age 18 and above. A participant that causes nuisance because of alcoholic drinks will be removed from the event without payback of any entrance fee.


2) Usage and sale of any kind of drugs is strictly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event without a refund and handed over to the local authorities.

E. Behavior

1) It is not allowed to sell food or other articles (such as hardware, UTP, …) without permission of the organization. Advertisements for commercial businesses are not allowed. Violating this rule will lead to a formal warning, ignoring this warning leads to the removal of the participant from the event without payback of the money paid to participate.


2) Acting in a way that is perceived by others as provocative, threatening or discriminatory, or troublesome, or as a disturbance of the peace is not allowed. This also includes chanting slogans that others might perceive to be discriminating. Such is to be determined at the discretion of the organizers. When someone breaks the rules, he/she will get a warning from the organization or from competent persons. If someone is repeatedly breaking the rules, he/she will be removed from the even without any right to a refund.


3) In case of a fight between two or more people, the involved people will be interfered by the organization. If the offenders will not leave the terrain voluntary, they will be handed over to the police.


4) Garbage needs to be deposited at the containers that are spread over the venue. Making garbage at the venue is not allowed and will be punished: when a participant is caught when making a mess, he will be charged 40 euros an hour of cleaning costs.


5) Whenever materials like couches, chairs, mattresses, tents, refrigerators and micro waves get left behind, we will charge you 40 euros an hour of cleaning costs plus the costs that we need to make when we deliver the waste.


6) Whenever it’s allowed to bring speakers to the event, they can only produce sound of an agreeable level. Speakers can only be used between 10 AM and 10 PM. Between 10 PM and 10 AM you need to use a headset. When breaking this rule, the participant will receive a warning. After a second warning the participant will be removed from the event without a refund.


7) Having a sponsor of your own, organizing sponsored competitions and promoting your sponsor by using flags/banners/projection is forbidden. When having a sponsor, you have the possibility to introduce them to us for sponsoring of the event. After that it won’t be a problem for you to organize an activity or competition for this sponsor.


8) Handing out flyers on and around the venue is not permitted. It is forbidden by the police and the organization. When handing out flyers illegally is noted,  a penalty of 250 euros per flyer will follow.


9) Keeping surveys is only permitted after you’ve received a written approval from the organization.


10) Participants are forbidden to mess around with devices or cables from the organisation. They can always refer to the staff of the event.

F. Media

1) The organization is permitted to allow audio and video recordings. Persons in these recordings will not receive any compensation.


2) The organization isn’t responsible for promises made by third parties.


3) Audio and video recordings made at the event are only to be used for non-commercial purposes. Audio and video recordings made for commercial use will have to be approved by the organization.


4) The participant gives permission in advance to the organizers for publication of taken pictures, images and the like, in which the participant is visible during the event.


5). The organizer reserves the right to self-publish imagery that is made by a participant during the event, in any medium without mentioning the source or owner.

G. Prizes

1) The organization is permitted to change or reduce prizes, looking at competition registrations.


2) The winner must be present at the prize ceremony and be coöperative for video and photo purposes, which will be published on our website and social media. If this is not the case, your prize will be forfeited.


3) The person who receives prize money must be the same person who signed up for the competition.


4) Prize money must be claimed within thirty days after the event.


5) Prize money will be payed out in ninety days or less.


6) The earned prize money from a non independent player (team) can be taxed according to the Dutch loan tax.

H. Personal and contact information

1) Duh-Events can share personal and contact information with third party agents or service providers (including our affiliates acting in that capacity).


2) The personal data provided by the participant will be stored by the organizer in a file. By entering into the agreement, the participant grants authorisation to the organizer to hand the personal data over to third parties for sending information to the participant. The participant may at any time object to sending this information by sending us an e-mail. The participant authorizes usage of name and results.

Attachment for The-Party

Addition to General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.


A. Noise

1) It is not permitted to bring speaker sets to The-Party, due to making too much noise.


B. Staying overnight

1) The participant can only stay the night at the places pointed out by the organization. Staying the night in the paths where the computers are is strictly forbidden. The participant can only make use of normal night equipment. No air beds for two people! Making use of tents and other abnormal night equipment is forbidden inside the location. Participants who break this rule will be removed from the event without a refund.


C. Sponsors 

Rules apply for visitors who are sponsored by a certified company and who wish to express this. Logos and other recognizable imagery on teamapparel like shirts and caps is allowed. Using a projector for sponsors is prohibited. Teams/clans are allowed to place 1 roll-up (maximum dimensions of 2m2) per 20 bought tickets. This stacks with each batch of 20 bought tickets, but no less than 20 tickets. Use of materials like flags and posters is not allowed. Placing attributes next to or in your team’s row has to comply with the rules stated by the local fire department. If you want to make more use of advertising space than stated in this article, contact the organisation for possible sponsoring of the event.


D. Various

1) Participants are prohibited from bringing their own cooler-units or anything used for cooling foods to The-Party.

2) Alcoholic drinks or soda in glass bottles is not allowed at The-Party. Should you be seen carrying a crate or glass bottles, we will kindly ask you to store it somewhere else. Plastic bottles and tin cans are allowed.

Attachment for CampZone

Addition to General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.


A. Terrain

1) The terrain may only be entered and left via the official entrance and exit. Instructions of our personnel need to be followed. Both campers and caravans are allowed at the terrain. You need to share a caravan longer than 5 meters with someone else. When you place a tent with it, you need to share the caravan with three or four people. This is the same with tents of the same size.

2) The public transport law is applicable on both fields and the maximum speed is at a walking pace. The visitor’s terrain has a paved ring road where stopping is prohibited. When a participant has to (off)load, he/she has to park the car beside the road. Entrance to the terrain with a vehicle is only allowed at arrival and departure of the participant at CampZone during our opening hours. Offloading purchases is prohibited. Only under one condition is it allowed to park a vehicle on the visitor’s terrain: the vehicle is used and installed for working computer equipment. This vehicle may not be moved during the event; whenever a car leaves the terrain, it can’t enter again until the end of the event. These vehicles need to be reported to the organization to get a sticker to be put on the vehicle.

3) Parking your vehicle is for your own risk.


B. Participation

1) Every participant of the event must be able to identify with a valid passport or ID-card whenever the organization asks.

2) Visitors for a day need to check in at the entrance as well. They pay a lower price for their visit at CampZone, but they can’t bring their computer or laptop. Entrance personnel, security and organization is permitted to check this at any moment.

4) Whenever a participant is denied access to the terrain, whatever the reason, he or she won’t get a refund.

5) Shortly before the start of CampZone, you will receive a unique check-in code. You can activate this code from your home or you can activate it at the event. Participants younger than 18 years old need to activate the code at home, because their parents or guardian need to give authorization.

6) You can sell your unique check-in code at any time before the event starts, without an extra administration fee. However, you can only sell the check-in code when it isn’t activated. Activated check-in codes can’t be sold! Also, rented items such as tents, tables and chairs can’t be sold through.

7) When you leave CampZone at the end of the event, please tell your Field Admin. He will make sure you won’t leave behind any mess and he also can write you a notification if you find that necessary.


C. Behavior

1) Participants are forbidden to touch the equipment or cabling of the organization. They can always call in help from the Field Admin of that part of the field.

2) Bringing in your own consumptions is allowed when these are used for personal usage. When making use of the catering plaza, you can’t bring your own food or drinks.

3) Participants are allowed to have their sound level quite high. But there are some guidelines here. Between 22:00 and 10:00 silence is committed at the terrain. Speakers may be used only when the sound of them doesn’t reach the nearest tent. The organization uses samples taken at random to observe this rule. By repeated violation of this rule, seizure of the speakers or removal from the event without a refund will follow.

4) Every participant can use as many space as he/she wants. This arrangement will create the real CampZone atmosphere. We do however still have demands for the usage of square meters. We decided that five square meters for one person is more than enough (including table, tent and sleeping place!). This is no determined limit, you surely can use some more if it is reasonable. Keep in mind that you will take the risk that you can be declined, be moved or be removed from the terrain. The organization always makes the final decision.


D. Various

1) Usage of aggregates is forbidden, to protect the equipment of participants and organization.

2) Participants that want to stay in materials that are not used as standard camping equipment are placed under the following rules. Before the event starts, the participant must have a written authorization from the organization if the materials are allowed on the terrain. Organization can reject without reason. The participant needs to bring his own plates, which the participant must use to create a subsurface. The participant is always responsible for ALL damage that comes with placement and taking away of the materials. The portable cabin or trailer needs to be placed on a place pointed out by the organization. Portable cabins and trailers can only be brought in between 10:00 and 18:00.

3) It’s allowed to bring your dog or other animals to the event as long as you walk it outside of the event. Animals have to be leashed at all times.

4) Any kind of pools are forbidden on the event. This because of the high risk of legionella infections.

5) Participants to the event will always take knowledge of certain precautions when there is a chance of a fire breakout with a certain activity they are doing. A barbecue is only allowed when a bucket filled with water or sand is located nearby. A fire extinguisher is permitted. Open fire or campfire is only allowed at the location specified by the organization.

Attachment for Barcraft

Addition to General Regulations for all events organized by Duh-Events.


A. Alcohol/Drugs

1) Alcoholic drinks will be sold at the event, you are not allowed to bring your own. Those may only be bought and consumed by people above the age of 18. A participant that causes nuisance because of alcoholic drinks will be removed from the event without payback of any entrance fee.

2) Sales of any kind of drugs is strictly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event without a refund and handed over to the local authorities.


B. Venue

1) Damage inflicted by the visitor to the venue or property of the organization will be retrieved from the culprit.

2) You should clear your own garbage from the venue. If this rule is violated we will charge you the cleaning costs.


C. Additional

1) Weapons in any form are highly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event.

General rules for tournaments organized by Duh-Events.

V6.0 – Last edited on 17-09-2020.

1 Registration, names, team setup and substitutes

In order to be able to take part in a tournament, players need to have access to a legal version of the relevant game and an account on the correct client. Players also need a ticket for the event that gives them the right to participate in tournaments.


Players need to always be recognizable by the admins, referees, organisation and opponents. Therefore, a player is required to use a nickname (almost) identical to the name that they signed up with. This name has to be used in-game as well as on the used communication services (for example: Discord). The organisation keeps the right to deny participation in case of offensive nicknames.


Participants need to register on the tournament platform prior to the event. Participants have to confirm their participation with the tournament admin 30 minutes prior to the tournament. Visitor passes do not allow you to participate in tournaments, unless otherwise specified. Participants of BYOC tournaments are expected to bring their own working PC, laptop or game console, including the latest version of the game. Instructions for signing up can be found on the relevant tournament page. 


In case of teamgames, teams are expected to have the correct amount of players for the tournament. Before the tournament starts, the team needs to be completely listed and registered on the tournament platform. Substitutes are not allowed, unless otherwise specified. Changing the line-up isn’t allowed unless otherwise specified by the tournament admin. As a player, it is not allowed to play for multiple teams in the same tournament.

2 Hardware, software and game updates

All software has to be up to date. Unless otherwise specified in the game-specific regulations, all games will be played through the event’s servers on the latest patches. When a player cannot join the game and/or server because they did not update/or have the correct software, the game will result in a forfeit-loss. The maximum number of points will be awarded to the opponent.


In case of tournaments that are being played on devices made available by the organisation, it will be listed if your own gaming gear is allowed. In case of own gaming gear being allowed, the player is responsible for a correct set up; pausing a match because of errors with your own gaming gear isn’t allowed.

3 Communication before and after the game

All communication with the admin will go through Discord and the dedicated tournament pages. Keep a close eye on the tournament Discord channel for announcements and/or changes in the tournaments. Players always need to be present in the Discord-channel of the games they wish to participate in. If not, this can result in a forfeit loss. 


In all situations, players have to behave professionally and sportsmanlike towards others. This is even more important for the games that are played on stage and the games that are streamed. Misconduct; such as trashtalking, scolding, discrimination and aggression, both within and outside of the game, to others or the crew, will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in sanctions and may lead to disqualification. During the match the chat will not be used, other then greetings/gg and if connection problems occur. The team chat can be used, if present. 


Each player or team captain needs to be present 15 minutes before the match begins so that games can be created and start at the right time. If a player is not present at the match time, the admin has to be notified. When a player still has not shown up 15 minutes after match time, it will result in a forfeit loss and the maximum score will be assigned to the opponent. Additionally, the team will get a warning. This rule also applies if you are in a match of a different tournament; participating in multiple tournaments simultaneously is done at your own risk.


If one team can look at the other team’s screens, this should be taken care of by the players before the game starts. Tournament admins and crew of the event are not responsible for this issue.


If a player needs to pause due to technical difficulties, the team has to communicate this to the other team. If both teams agree that the game is paused, it’s necessary to inform the tournament admin as well. After this, both teams will wait until the technical difficulties are solved. Pausing without good reason will result in a sanction. If the reconnecting player(s) joins the wrong side, it will result in a winning round for the other team. Resuming the game will commence after approval of the tournament admin.


Playing a draw during the bracket phase means that you have to play another map/round. You and your opponent will choose one map. If a player is making a draw on purpose, the admins can disqualify the player. In certain games these rules don’t apply.


The organisation will always have the right to deny someone to certain parts of the event.

4 Cheating, forbidden items and penalties

Any form of cheating will result in exclusion from all of the tournaments. Cheating includes, but is not limited to; bug abusing, use of 3rd-party software and/or hacks (Wall-hack, speed-hack, aimbot, etc.), scripts (E.G bunny hopping script), binds (exceptions are Namebinds, Demo Scripts, Screenshot scripts, Server control scripts, weapon menu scripts and say binds) and changes to the game files (excluding settings changeable in-game). Customizing the GUI is also seen as forbidden and will be punished the same as any other form of cheating.


The use of not freely available performance-enhancing drugs is strictly prohibited with the exception of substances required for medical reasons.


For small violations, the offender will get a “Caution”. Two “Cautions” equal a warning.

A “caution” will, among others, be handed out when a team is:

  • +5 minutes late for a match
  • makes illegitimate use of a pause
  • behaves unsportsmanlike during streamed games or games on stage


For bigger violations, the offender will get a warning. Two warnings will result in disqualification. A warning will, among others, be handed out when a team is:

  • +10 minutes late for a match
  • knowingly makes illegitimate use of a pause to gain an advantage
  • Disregards decision made by the referee
  • behaves blatantly unsportsmanlike to opponents, visitors or crew


If it is discovered after a match that a team violated one of these rules then the organisation reserves the right to punish a team retroactively, including giving prizes to a different team.

5 Scores and match media

Players can submit the scores themselves in our tournament system. When both teams have submitted/confirmed the score, the system will automatically follow up on this. When in doubt you can always talk to an admin to confirm the score for you. 


During the tournaments, players are obligated to record demos and take screenshots. This to prevent not being able to prove punishable acts. The organization holds the right to publish these demos and screenshots. When there is no match media available the decision will be based on what the tournament-admin/referee was able to determine themselves.


In case of a disagreement in regards to the match scores, the match-media will determine the result.

6 Streaming of matches

You are allowed to stream your own team’s gameplay. If your stream shows gameplay that is not your own from an ongoing match you will be disqualified. Observing streamers that have made an arrangement with the organization must make sure they stream with a delay of at least 10 minutes and that none of the gameplay from the current match is visible to playing participants.

7 Observers

Only admin/referee-approved observers are allowed to spectate a match in-game. Admins have the right to kick unaccepted spectators.

8 Changes to the tournament

The organization has reserved the rights to adjust the prizes that were originally assigned to a tournament. Admins and organisation members will at all times have the final say on anything regarding the tournament. Under extreme circumstances the admins will have the right to change the ruleset. Both admins and organisation have the authority to stop or cancel the tournament.

General Regulations for cosplay competitions organized by Duh-Events.

V1.1 – Last edited on 27-10-2022


Walk on/Walk off:


  • Registration for this competition is free for everyone. Registrations will only be rejected if the organization feels that the cosplay has not been created by the participating cosplayer, if the form has been filled in incompletely or if the cosplay is irrelevant to the show. 
  • The cosplay competition uses one category with a first, second and third prize winner. This category includes a Walk on/Walk off show with the theme General Gaming/Geek.
  • Use of your own audio/video material is not possible with this contest. The organization will support the show by using a themed audio track.
  • The cosplay which you register with must be made by yourself.
  • Leading up to the start of the cosplay contest the judges will take a closer look at all the costumes for an extensive quality check backstage. No decisions will be made about potential winners yet, this will happen during the show itself. The time at which the pre-judging will take place will be communicated to all participants well in advance.
  • It is strictly forbidden to carry weapons (authentic, replica, or model weapons). Cosplay weapons are allowed as long as it is only used as part of the cosplay and as long as it is obvious that this is a prop. Cosplay weapons must be following the Dutch Weapons Act.
  • As long as your costume hasn’t won a prize during a previous Duh-Events cosplay competition or during another major competition (read: a competition with a decent cash prize of more than €100, a qualification for an international competition, or a big international competition), you’re allowed to participate with this costume.
  • We offer the option to get dressed backstage. There will be spaces available including mirrors for both men and women. Here you can also safely leave your belongings during the competition.
  • It’s always annoying when your cosplay breaks, so we will offer the cosplayers the opportunity to perform quick repairs if the schedule and time allow it. We try to be as prepared as possible, but can’t guarantee that we have the materials to be able to repair any defect. If you want to be sure, bring your own repair tools
  • Judging and rating your costume will be based on a few points, determined by the current panel of judges. The most common points are general quality, execution of the show, finishing of details, and faithfulness to the source material.
  • Cosplayers are free to make their cosplay as ‘’crazy’’ as possible. If necessary, we will help you on stage.
  • A costume may not be a danger to the general safety of yourself or other people. No nude, obscene, or offensive costumes. We want to keep the contest and the time at the venue for the participating cosplayers as pleasant as possible.
  • The format in which we hold the competition is a ’Walk on/ Walk off Catwalk performance’. One by one the cosplayers will show off their costume on stage.
  • The cosplayers are free to decide on the interpretation they want to give to their moment in the spotlight. There is no time for complete acts, so keep this in mind.
  • We organize gaming events, so we recommend basing your cosplay on gaming/geek culture. We will generally disapprove of cosplays from portraying an OC or fan art.
  • The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will take place as soon as the judges have made a decision. This is usually half an hour after the show has closed, but there’s no fixed time attached to this.
  • During pre-judging, it’s desirable to let the judges do their thing with the cosplayer they’re judging at that time. Sabotage and/or disruptive actions will be disapproved of and in the worst case can lead to disqualification. Give them all the room they need.


Act performance:


General rules

  • The Act Performance contest type is a cosplay competition where you will be judged by your performance on stage. The quality of the costume and the resemblance to the source material will be taken into account as well during judging.
  • All participants must be at least 16 years of age. Participants under 18 years must need their parent/guardian to sign a declaration of participation and hand it to the organization.
  • The duration of an act on stage will be limited to a maximum of 2 (two) minutes.
  • All referential materials/video files/audio files et cetera need to be submitted to Duh-Events before the end of a to be determined time and date.
  • All characters represented by contestants must come from existing characters in Anime, Manga, Video Games, Animation Movies, or similar others. Fan Arts or OCs are not allowed.
  • It is strictly forbidden to make use of firearms or similar, excluding replicas.
  • Any kind of attitude and comments of racist or offensive nature are expressly prohibited.
  • All participants must positively cooperate with the organization by following their directions, ensuring the success of the Cosplay Contest. Any incorrect conduct, including delays, inappropriate language, and conflicts between participants, among others, may be considered in the jury evaluation and may even lead to disqualification.
  • Entering and leaving the stage must be done via the designated access places.


Costumes and performance

  • A minimum of 60% of the costume and accessories used during this competition must be made by the participants themselves. If used accessories are bought they need to be customized by the cosplayer. 
  • As long as your costume hasn’t won a prize during a previous Duh-Events cosplay competition or during another major competition (read: a competition with a decent cash prize of more than €100, a qualification for an international competition, or a big international competition), you’re allowed to participate with this costume.
  • Participants may use 30 seconds to make the stage ready for their performance. After performing you’ve got 30 seconds to leave the stage (including taking the placed accessories). 
  • Causing a delay in both the performance and the preparation will mean a point reduction on your final score, with a 0,5 reduction per 30 seconds delay.
  • The time used for preparation, performing, and breaking down will be timed by the organization.
  • The performance starts when the background music starts or when the stage manager gives the GO signal.
  • The performance does not officially end until the cosplayer thanks the audience. 
  • Only English audio is allowed.
  • It’s not allowed to use liquid or sticky materials, as well as accessories or objects that may endanger the safety of other participants, the audience, the judges, or others. This includes objects such as fireworks, firearms, fire extinguishers, sharp objects, abrasive and corrosive solvents, and other acidic or damaging substances. 
  • The organization will provide two people who can assist with placing props on the stage. After this placement, only cosplayers are allowed to handle the props.
  • When participants choose to use the help of two staff members when placing props and/or accessories, the participant is also responsible for all risks and possible accidents. The build-up time will always remain 30 seconds; the set is prepared by the cosplayers or assisting crew members. 
  • It will not be possible to use scenarios or props that must be attached to existing setups (nailed, glued, hung, etc. to walls or other parts of the stage). All background materials and props must be easily transportable and portable so that construction can be done quickly and easily.
  • The maximum dimensions allowed for usage scenarios are 2m wide x 2.5m high x 2m deep and can be divided into three parts.
  • By scenario, we mean everything that is on stage before the start of your performance. Accessories are all objects that are used and transported by the cosplayers during the performance.
  • The organization is not responsible for possible accidents that could occur during the performance of participants. 
  • The organization can and may inspect and examine the presentation of participants at all times to see if it follows the rules of the competition. If one does not meet this requirement, the cosplayer can be disqualified.



  • Participants must have submitted the following documents before a to-be-determined time and date: Cosplay photo, screen content (video or photo), and music/sound file. 
  • The winner of the competition shall be available to be potentially interviewed and filmed, with and without cosplay. 
  • During the pre-judging, before the start of the show, the judges will evaluate the participants’ cosplays and give them a score. Not only the quality and complexity of the construction of the suit will be considered, but also the number of details.
  • During the performance of the acts, the jury will give points based on the performance of the clothing and the similarity of the costume compared to the original (similarities between the costume and the source material).
  • The overall rating of each competitor will be based on clothing (30%), the performance of the act (40%), and the resemblance to the original (30%).                        a) When evaluating the costume, the following aspects are taken into account: confection/finishing, details, accessories, and other applications used.                      b) By performance we mean the interpretation of the character (but also the original character’s personality) and the performance’s quality.
    c) The resemblance to the source will be rated by the similarity of the costume made and the reference material supplied.                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • The judges may always request a re-enactment of an act when there is doubt about a cosplayer, or when no decision can be made.
  • The rating of the participants will be based on the 1 to 10 system for all rateable components.
  • The winners of the Cosplay Acts Contest will be determined by this overall rating.
  • Decisions in case of a tie will be made based on the sum of the assigned scores.
    a) In case of a tie, the cosplayer with the highest score in performance will be crowned the winner.
    b) If a tie still exists after this, the highest score given at the costume confection/finishing point will be the deciding factor.
    c) If a tie still exists after this, the organization of the event will determine what score counts. This all counts for every other place when no decision can be made by the judges.

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